Investing in Trust Deeds in the State of California requires a great deal of knowledge. By loaning funds that are secured by real property, the lenders commit themselves to a business-like relationship with their borrowers for the life of the loan, be it twelve months or twenty years.

There are specific duties placed upon the lenders by Law when they invest in Trust Deeds. Let Redwood Trust Deed Services, Inc. help you fulfil these duties correctly and professionally.  See a complete list of our services below.

Borrower Relationships

Some lenders may be concerned that having a professional company service a loan will seem hostile or impersonal to the borrowers. However, having a loan serviced at Redwood Trust Deed Services, Inc. is beneficial for borrowers as well.
Borrowers are always welcome to call with questions or concerns about their account. Upon request, we can provide a payment history or an estimated payoff figure at any time. By being consistently professional and ethical in our contact with the borrowers, we offer them a stable business relationship, which keeps all parties satisfied. See also, Information for Borrowers with Delinquent Accounts.

Multi-Lender Loans

We can service a multi-lender loan as easily as a single-lender loan. Because the Department of Real Estate prohibits multi-lender loans to be serviced by private parties, this is where Redwood Trust Deed Services, Inc. can be of most help.
On a multi-lender loan we will keep every lender informed regarding possible payoffs, defaults on the senior lien, and other important events that can take place throughout the life of the loan. 

Complete list of Services

Services Related to the Borrowers
  • Mailing of monthly Payment Statements
  • Mailing of Delinquency Notices advising of late fees
  • Monitoring and enforcement of hazard insurance coverage
  • Monitoring for senior lien defaults
  • Servicing of loans with "impounds"
  • Annual mailing of IRS Form 1098 and reporting mortgage interest paid to the IRS
  • Annual mailing of statements and payment histories
  • Mailing of Balloon Notices
  • Preparation of Payoff Demands
  • Personal phone assistance during business hours
Services Related to the Lenders
  • Disbursing of funds received from borrowers
  • Assurance of our checks being “good funds”
  • Electronic Deposits via ACH
  • Ordering lender-placed insurance to protect the lenders’ interest in the property
  • Annual mailing of IRS Form 1099-INT and reporting interest income to the IRS
  • Annual mailing of portfolio statements and payment histories
  • Confidentiality of your private information
  • Limited document preparation services
  • Personal phone assistance during business hours
  • Online access via Web Publishing Central's Lender's Portal
Lender's Portal