• ​1988 - Stanley Briggs, the owner of a private mortgage company, began processing California foreclosures as an "in-house" trustee.
  • 1990 - Mr. Briggs hired Robert Cullen to assist him with the day to day duties of a trustee.
  • 1992 - With several years of experience under their belts, Mr. Briggs and Mr. Cullen created Redwood Trust Deed Services, Inc.
  • 1995 - Stanley Briggs sold his share of the company to its co-founders, Robert and Cindy Cullen. Mr. Cullen has remained president of Redwood since that time.
  • 2000 -  Redwood expanded its services to include loan servicing.  Cindy Cullen is the Broker and manages the loan servicing department.

Redwood has steadily grown through referrals from clients, title companies, and attorneys.

Redwood is an active member of the United Trustee's Association (UTA, formerly California Trustee's Association) and California Mortgage Association (CMA).

Robert Cullen is a former member of the Board of Directors for the United Trustee's Association. 

Staying updated on the latest changes to the Civil Code and other State and Federal laws has contributed to Redwood's successful history in one of the most regulated industries.